Abandoned historic Alta church to be razed

Alta Mayor Kevin Walsh says he’s received an assurance the abandoned church on Cherokee Street will be torn down by Oct. 1.
Walsh said the owner of the church, Jackie Anderson, told him earlier this month the church, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, would be torn down.
“It can be difficult to work with an out of state owner, but I do feel something will happen this time,” said Walsh, who noted city administration has received assurances in previous years the owner would either resurrect or demolish the derelict church.
Anderson didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment. A graduate of Alta High School in 1966, Anderson hasn’t been back in Alta since 1986. She inherited the church that’s been handed down in generations dating back to the 1880s.
Walsh warned this is the last chance Anderson has to tear the church down, or else the city attorney will initiate condemnation proceedings.
“The building is in a terrible state of condition,” he said. In city council meetings, he said the building is infested with vermin and about to collapse.