Alta council opens community center with COVID-19 protocols

The Alta City Council discussed opening the Alta Community Center during the COVID-19 pandemic at its July 6 meeting. Electronic meeting protocol was authorized as a result of Governor Kim Reynolds’ State Public Emergency Declaration issued March 20 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
After discussion, the council agreed to set a maximum capacity of 300 people and that all food needed to be served by family or the catering company. No buffet-style serving. A renter asked if they could have an outdoor tent set up to expand the seating.  The council agreed it could be set up on the north side of the main entrance, if the liquor license allowed. 
City Clerk Megan Peterson submitted the updated building permit spreadsheet as the code officer’s report.  The council discussed the applicants for the code officer position and decided to offer interviews to three applicants. Code officer interviews will be held July 15.

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