Henderson reflects on years as school custodian

After a 43-year career as a custodian at Alta-Aurelia Elementary (Alta) School and Alta-Aurelia High School, Pam Henderson will retire, effective Dec. 31. Henderson’s years of service were noted when the Alta-Aurelia School Board accepted her resignation Nov. 11.

Henderson started as a custodian in the summer of 1976, when her plans for another job there did not work out. She described the years as a building custodian as “satisfying.”

“There was a bus route position open. I applied, interviewed and got the job. I studied for a chauffeur’s license that was required at the time to drive a school bus, while I was working a night shift for a canning factory in Storm Lake. I studied, took the test and passed it.

“I also had to drive the bus for the Department of Transportation (DOT) officer and I passed the driving test. I drove the route with the bus foreman at the time and had the route down. All I had left was to hear back from the DOT for my bus permit to drive the bus.

“Two weeks before school was to start, I heard back from the State of Iowa that they would not issue me a bus permit due to my vision not being up to their standards. I was born with a weak left eye and always had been legally blind in the left eye. So, I did not get the bus driving job,” said Henderson.

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