New musical attraction at Aurelia park

A new attraction was installed in the southeast area of the Aurelia park last week. The percussion instrument “Music Book” was given to Aurelia in memory of Sharon Leigh Peterson Miller of Winder, Ga. Miller had a heart attack followed by a stroke and could not recover. She passed away Oct. 18, 2019. She always loved Aurelia and was strong and adventurous. In her honor, Dennis Allen made an eagle that is on the highway pathway waiting to be mounted when the flagpoles are installed. These two items were donated by her family: Marge Neulieb (mother), Bruce Peterson of Aurelia (brother), Jayne Mortenson of Des Moines (sister), Kathy Sliz of Brunson, S.C. (sister) and Sharon’s husband, Bob Miller of Winder, Ga. The musical instrument was ordered from All Inclusive Rec. Music of Farming, Mo. and built in the United Kingdom. A book “Percussion Play” has been left at Aurelia City Hall explaining the various instruments. The family wishes people from the Aurelia area would be interested in adding to this attraction. There are many to choose from with prices ranging form $1,000 to $10,000.