Reineke visits great-great-grandfather’s birthplace in Germany

Ernest, Melodee, Kirsten and Kara Reineke of Clear Lake visited the birthplace of Ernest’s great-grandfather, Johannes Reineke, June 24 in Boklund (pronounced Birklund), Germany. Boklund is located 30 kilometers south of the Denmark/Germany border and 20 kilometers north of Schleswig, Germany. It is in the Angeln region of the Schleswig-Holstein German state.

Ernest and Melodee Reineke reside in Clear Lake and are music teachers in Mason City. Ernest is a 1984 graduate of Aurelia High School. Their daughter, Kirsten, is a music teacher in Clear Lake. Their daughter, Kara, will be a freshman this fall at the University of Northern Iowa, studying elementary education.

Johannes was born in 1873. In 1889, he came to Holstein at 16 years of age, just after the founding of Holstein in 1882. He stayed at the Fred Wink Sr. home until he was 26 years old.

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