Sioux City author couple discusses new book

Authors Phil and Sandy Hamman explained the writing process of their latest book, “Rap Sheet,” about a true story of how a childhood friend of Phil’s, Matt, took to a life of crime on the toughest areas of Sioux Falls, S.D., spent more than 20 years in prison but is now living a life that is on the “straight and narrow” and includes Christianity. The Hammans’ talk was presented by Cherokee Public Library at Sanford Museum and Planetarium.

“Did you ever know someone who had messed up their life by the decisions they made?” asked Phil Hamman at the outset of the talk. “I’m talking about someone who should have a perfectly fine life, but, by the decisions they have made, they have messed it up. It might be someone very close to you, someone you know.”

In the book and the talk, the Hammans discuss the ingredients which can impact and turn someone into a hardened criminal, as Matt was.