Trailer park plan viewed as good first step

Jesse Case of Teamsters Local 238 and its Team Community Action Network (CAN) and Renaldo Jimenez, associate pastor of Summit Evangelical Free Church of Alta, presented the West View Trailer Park Revitalization Plan at the April 2 city council meeting in hopes of making progress for one the city’s trailer parks.

“This is a draft document that is very fluid,” said Case, explaining several meetings of stakeholders came up with the plan. “Not everybody got what everyone wanted, including what they wanted other parties to do. We want to approach it collectively and what we are looking for is a commitment.” Worent Inc. of Pritchard, B.C., Canada, is the park’s owner.

Case said that TeamCAN will be able to bring the national resources of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and experts on various subjects.

Alta Mayor Al Clark termed the revitalization plan a positive, good start. “It’s baby-steps,” he said.

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